World Administrators Alliance

The World Administrators Alliance (WA-Alliance) was incorporated in April 2020 and was endorsed by the 55 Delegates from 28 countries at the 11th WA-Summit on-line Business Meeting held on 30/31 August 2020. It replaces the former informal body, the WA-Summit Advisory Council. For documentation, please follow the links to the Bylaws, and the Incorporation certificate. 

The WA-Alliance Governing Council (Council) was voted in at the WA-Alliance inaugural AGM September 2021, for two years:

WA-Alliance Chair: Helen Monument, Netherlands

The WA-Alliance Council members:

The WA-Alliance:

  • Purpose: to guide, develop, influence and elevate the global administrative community
  • Provides continued advocacy
  • Provides greater global leadership

The WA-Alliance Council were very appreciative of the IAAP Foundation providing the funding for this page as part of the rebuild of the WA-Summit website in 2019. The IAAP Foundation funding also covered the legal costs associated with developing our Bylaws and all Incorporation costs. These steps could not have been completed without this financial support. At the on-line Business Session of the 11th WA-Summit 30/31 August 2020, after the formal endorsement of the WA-Alliance, this page has been retitled WA-Alliance from the earlier Advisory Council. All information on the formation of the WA-Alliance and about the Advisory Council has been transferred to our History page