Agendas – WA-Summit

12th WA-Summit 2022 – On Line

The world is still too uncertain for us to feel confident enough to provide a face-to-face event. The 12th WA-Summit will therefore be held on line, with the same format at 2021.

Saturday 15th and 22nd October 2022, from 13.00 to 17.00 hrs, Central European Time.

The Discussion topics can be found on the preliminary Agenda.

11th WA-Summit 2021 – On Line

Due to Covid-19 the 11th WA-Summit was an online event, held in two parts on 8th and 15th May 2021, from 13.00 to 17.00 hrs, Central European Time. Discussion included topics gathered in our survey held Nov/Dec 2019 and which received over 300 responses from 37 countries.

The Discussion topics are set out in the Agenda . All papers were shared with the Delegates.

11th WA-Summit 2020 – On Line Business Meeting

Due to Covid-19 disrupting the world we had to postpone the full WA-Summit in 2020. However it was very important that the Business Session of the 11th WA-Summit was held as there were significant matters that required the Delegates to vote. To meet this need the 11th WA-Summit Business Meeting was held virtually on 30/31 August 2020 via Zoom.

The matters discussed are in the final Agenda.