11th WA-Summit 2021

From the WA-Alliance Interim Council

We are delighted to share with you the dates for the 11th World Administrators Summit.

We’re all aware of the current COVID restrictions and we must comply with them. Instead of meeting face-to-face in Wellington, New Zealand as planned, the 11th WA-Summit will be virtual and will take place in two parts as follows:

Saturday 8th May and Saturday 15th May

13.00 to 17.00 hrs, Central European Time

We have done our best to find the most suitable time of day. Of course, we won’t be able to please everyone, but are confident that we will have maximum participation for this important event.

The Business Meeting held on 31st August 2020 was very successful, with 55 delegates from 28 countries attending. This proves that we can still carry on the important work of the WA-Alliance, without being face-to-face.

The WA-Summit programme is usually spread over two consecutive days with a day-long agenda. However, when moving to a virtual format, we are very aware of the time zone differences and the effort required to stay focussed and engaged during an all-day online session. That’s why we have decided to spread the Summit across two days, and reduce the programme to four hours each day. Having a week in between will allow us to collect the outcomes from the facilitated discussions on Day 1 ready to present on Day 2. The draft agenda is available here.

With an online Summit, we don’t require Expression of Interest forms. Invitations will shortly be sent to former Summit Delegates, associations and networks around the world with full details. As with the 2020 Business meeting, we will be requesting an attendance fee of US$45,-

Only formal country Delegates may attend the WA-Summit and each country may have up to three (3) Delegates, one of whom is the designated leader.

All Delegates will be expected to attend both days and must have completed a Delegate Credentialing Form and been accepted as a Delegate by the Interim Council prior to attending. Links to the relevant documents can be found on the WA-Summit website.

Please save the dates in your calendar and look out for new announcements.

This is your event and your chance to participate in shaping your profession throughout the world and for the future. We appreciate your input on discussion topics and your views through surveys and online engagement that enables meaningful discussions at the WA-Summit.

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