11th WA-Summit Postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by Eth Lloyd, WA-Summit Advisory Council Chairman

Our world is in a situation that it has not been in for many years with a Pandemic being declared by the World Health Organisation. The rapid spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has made our world less sure and less comfortable. Countries around the world have put stringent travel restrictions in place and this is impacting everyone.

Additionally, we have no clear idea of how long this situation will last which of course makes planning so much more difficult. New Zealand is a long way from the rest of the world and that makes getting here a significant expense for the Delegates of the 11th WA-Summit. The possibility of being required to spend 14 days in self-isolation on arrival is not something that can even be considered for anyone travelling here.

Therefore, the Advisory Council agreed regretfully that a postponement of the 11th WA-Summit was necessary and the responsible thing to do.

Delegates would be looking for the most economic methods to get to New Zealand and with many flights being cancelled booking future travel is just not sensible. Additionally, trying to book last minute travel may well be very expensive, a risk we could not take.

When Lucy Brazier decided that it was not possible to bring her Executive Secretary LIVE speakers to New Zealand in August for her event running adjacent to the 11th WA-Summit, then that was a further reason for us to postpone. Several of Lucy’s speakers were also Delegates at the WA-Summit, Lucy herself and Helen Monument were to be Facilitators. Additionally, Executive Secretary LIVE was an extra event that Delegates could attend as professional development, while they were in New Zealand if they wished.

All of the above contributed to the decision made by the WA-Summit Advisory Council to postpone to May 2021. Lucy will be bringing Executive Secretary LIVE back at that time as well. Once a date has been finalised we will promptly advise you and will be bringing updates and information on the 11th WA-Summit through social media, our website and our newsletter Summit-Up over the next months.

Not one of us knows what the next few months will hold, so on behalf of the Advisory Council I wish you all the very best, take care of yourselves, your families and your work colleagues where you are able to actually work alongside them. Follow the advice of health professionals and know that everyone is in a similar situation which for us all is very much an unknown.

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