2020 Topics Survey

Our Agenda at the WA-Summit every two years is built from topics of what matters most to you in your role. These important issues are for discussion at the 11th WA-Summit being held 30 Aug – 1 Sept 2020 in Wellington New Zealand

In this short survey we want to know what you believe are the most important issues facing administrative professionals in today’s world. The term “administrative professional” is used throughout this survey to cover Management Assistants, EAs, PAs, Office Managers, Administrative Assistants; administrators of all titles.

The official country delegates at this two-day working meeting will discuss the topics determined by you. The aim is to gather and provide information to be shared with all administrative professionals to guide, influence and positively develop the profession and to support you to improve your status in the workforce.

Your participation in this survey is vital to discover the topics of relevance and value to you to set the Agenda for the 11th WA-Summit. It is your opportunity to have your voice heard. 

This survey closes on 6 December 2019