First held in 1992, hosted in the United States of America, the World Administrators Summit (WA-Summit) is a global meeting of administrative and office professionals and their associations. It has been held every two to four years in 8 countries, with 2018 in Frankfurt Germany being the 10th WA-Summit.

It brings together the best and brightest minds in the profession today. The WA-Summit is committed to its purpose of guiding, influencing and positively developing the profession. The delegates from each country discuss topics of importance to all administrative professionals and develop credible outcomes which are shared around the world. See our Fact One-pager.

The outcomes from each summit also contribute to our World Action Plan entitled AdministraIn 2006 The Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP) recommended to the Delegates present, and they agreed, that our new World Action Plan be called Administra to honour all Administrative Professionals. 

We encourage you to read all the available information on this website and share it with your Association’s members and fellow administrative professionals. Ensure your country participates in this international working summit. This is your own and your country’s opportunity to be heard. This can be done through: providing topics of importance to you for the Agenda, reading all the material produced and providing feedback, and sending delegates (each country may send up to three) to represent your country’s views in the discussions being held at the next summit.

If you would like your country to host future WA-Summits (after 2022) please complete the form Call for Bids, forward to the Chairman of the Advisory Council and attend the Summit to present your case.

WA-Summit Advisory Council 2006 – 2020

The Advisory Council was formed in 2006 and until August 2020 managed the between summit periods and the next WA-Summit. A Terms of Reference were developed which set out the make-up of the Advisory Council and roles it undertook. All those who worked on the Advisory Council did so voluntarily and the structure depended on the goodwill, dedication and passion of a few people internationally.

The Advisory Council was made up of representatives from various regions around the world:

  • The Chairman was Eth Lloyd (AAPNZ) 2015 – 2020, New Zealand
  • the Co-Convenors of the 11th WA-Summit in Wellington were Alison McKessar (AAPNZ), New Zealand and Ursula Wartha (IMA), Germany
  • the regional representatives were shown in the Advisory Council Members document.

From 2015 the Advisory Council also managed the Task Forces working on the various outcomes from the 2015 and 2018 WA-Summits in Papua New Guinea and Germany. The Task Forces from 2018 were:

The 2018 10th WA-Summit Delegates requested a more resilient formal structure to provide leadership and advocacy. This has been provided with the new WA-Alliance