Past Events

2021: 11th World Administrators Summit

The 11th WA-Summit was held virtually on 8th & 15th May, 2021. We were delighted to welcome 63 Delegates from 28 Countries to this event.

The World Administrators Summit is a two-day working session, not a conference. Only formal country Delegates may attend the WA-Summit and each country may have up to three (3) Delegates.

Read the Country Reports submitted by the WA-Summit Delegates here.

Administra was updated after this event and you can read this here.

The WA-Alliance is pleased to share the Outcomes and the Reports from the 11th World Administrators Summit.

2020: 11th WA-Summit Zoom Business Meeting.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we decided to hold the Business Session virtually on 30 August 2020.

This meeting was held to seek endorsement from the Delegates for the steps taken to develop the WA-Alliance, a non-profit trade association incorporated in the USA, to replace the WA-Summit Advisory Council. You can read the agenda for both the 2020 Business Session and the 2021 Online WA-Summit here.

Advisory Council Chairman Eth Lloyd opened the meeting and Helen Monument the new Interim Chair of the WA-Alliance closed the meeting. The minutes and breakout session outcomes can be found here.

The aims of the WA-Alliance were agreed: To Guide, Develop, Influence and Elevate the Administrative Profession.

2018: 10th World Administrators Summit (WA-Summit), Frankfurt Germany.

See the 2018 WASummit Consolidated Outcomes. Administra is updated after each WA-Summit. Check out the Gallery for photographs from 2018, and previous events in 2015, 2011, 2006 and 2000.

​2015: 9th World Administrators Summit (WASummit), Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

See What Happened at the 2015 WASummit, ​Administra updated in 2017, and the 2015 Restructure of the Advisory Council report.

2011: 8th International Office Professionals Summit (IOPS), Auckland, New Zealand

Delegates agreed on a new purpose statement:

A global meeting of administrative and office professionals and Associations; to guide, influence, and positively develop the profession.

See Administra updated in 2011.

2009: 7th International Office Professionals Summit (IOPS), Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

See the International Advisory Council (IAC) Report.

2006: 6th International Secretarial Summit (ISS), Gold Coast, Australia

See the first version of Administra the World Action Plan.

2003: 5th International Secretarial Summit (ISS), London UK

See the Paper presented by Eth Loyd, Delegate for New Zealand Value ourselves so others value us.

2000: 4th International Secretarial Summit (ISS), Wellington New Zealand.

1998: 3rd International Secretarial Summit (ISS), South Africa.

1995: 2nd International Secretarial Summit (ISS), Seattle, USA.

1992: 1st International Secretarial Summit (ISS), New York, USA.

See New Zealand’s Report from this event.

Original Purpose Statement: To bring together representatives from secretaries’, administrative professionals’ and management assistants’ associations throughout the world for the purpose of sharing ideas and information and establishing action plans to positively impact on issues and concerns facing the profession.