Past Events

2020 – 11th WA-Summit Zoom Business Meeting. This meeting held to seek endorsement from the Delegates for the steps taken to develop the WA-Alliance, a non-profit trade association incorporated in the USA, to replace the WA-Summit Advisory Council. Advisory Council Chairman Eth Lloyd opened the meeting and Helen Monument the new Interim Chair of the WA-Alliance closed the meeting. The minutes and breakout session outcomes can be found here.

2018 – 10th World Administrators Summit (WA-Summit), Frankfurt Germany. See the 2018 WASummit Consolidated Outcomes. When requested by the Delegates, Administra is updated after each WA-Summit. Check out the Gallery for photographs from 2018, and previous events in 2015, 2011, 2006 and 2000.

​2015 – 9th World Administrators Summit (WASummit), Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. See What Happened at the 2015 WASummit, ​Administra updated in 2017, and the 2015 Restructure of the Advisory Council report.

2011 – 8th International Office Professionals Summit (IOPS), Auckland, New Zealand – see Administra updated in 2011.

2009 – 7th International Office Professionals Summit (IOPS), Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago – see the International Advisory Council (IAC) Report.

2006 – 6th International Secretarial Summit (ISS), Gold Coast, Australia – see the first version of Administra the World Action Plan.

2003 – 5th International Secretarial Summit (ISS), London UK – see the Paper presented by Eth Loyd, Delegate for New Zealand Value ourselves so others value us.

2000 – 4th International Secretarial Summit (ISS), Wellington New Zealand.

1998 – 3rd International Secretarial Summit (ISS), South Africa.

1995 – 2nd International Secretarial Summit (ISS), Seattle, USA.

1992 – 1st International Secretarial Summit (ISS), New York, USA. See New Zealand’s Report from this event.