Administra (follow link to the full document) is the name for the World Action Plan that was developed at the Summit held in 2006 in Australia. This plan has four main goals which are broken each into two parts; one for professional associations/networks and the other for individual administrative professionals. Administra is a set of guidelines not rules and is intended to assist in the development of associations/networks and individuals owns goals.

GOAL 1 – Managing Administrative Skills

  • Professional Associations – Managing Administrative/Office Professionals Skills
  • Individual Administrative/Office Professionals – Managing your Administrative Skills

GOAL 2 – Office Ethics

  • Professional Associations – Handling Sensitive Issues and Ethical Office Dilemmas
  • Individual Administrative/Office Professionals – Office Ethics

GOAL 3 – Technology in the Future

  • Professional Associations – Moving with the Times in the 21st Century
  • Individual Administrative/Office Professionals – Keeping up with Technology for the 21st Century

GOAL 4 – Encourage Younger People in Administration

  • Professional Associations – Market association membership to encourage participation of younger people
  • Individual Administrative/Office Professionals – encourage and involve younger people in your role