World Administrators Alliance

The World Administrators Alliance (WA-Alliance) was endorsed by the 55 Delegates from 28 countries at the 11th WA-Summit Zoom Business Meeting held on 30/31 August 2020. The Agenda for the Business Meeting meeting focused primarily on endorsing the WA-Alliance.

The WA-Alliance replaces the former informal body the WA-Summit Advisory Council.

Helen Monument was endorsed as the WA-Alliance Interim Chair and will be working with the newly recruited members of the Interim Governing Council (Council). These new Council members were introduced through social media, were endorsed at the 30/31 Business Meeting, and are:

During 2020 the Delegates from 2018 were consulted on the type of structure being considered and the name of “World Administrators Alliance”. Their input enabled finalising of the Bylaws, and Incorporation was completed in April 2020.

The new structure requested by the 2018 Delegates, after consultation, aims to:

  • better support the purpose … to guide, influence, positively develop and elevate the global administrative community
  • provide continued advocacy
  • provide greater global leadership

The WA-Summit Advisory Council – Future Task Force worked for 18 months to develop the requested structure ready for endorsement at the 30/31 August 2020 Business Meeting.

The Task Force members were led by:

The new model provides – What?

A formal structure – a non-profit trade (profession) association under the name World Administrators Alliance. A non-profit trade association is an organisation founded and funded by associations and/or organisations representing a specific industry, in this case administrative professionals.

Advantages & benefits of this structure – Why?

Provides a formal structure, operated under United States business laws and requirements, will:

  • allow for a sustainable funding model
  • provide a sustainable governance model
  • provide formal bylaws to dictate governance parameters
  • provide formal leadership positions with required global representation
  • provide a consistent currency and fund management system

Check out the following documents:

The consultation document resulted in various questions which we have answered under FAQs

The WA-Alliance Task Force are very appreciative of the IAAP Foundation who have provided the funding for this page as part of the rebuild of the WA-Summit website. The IAAP Foundation funding also covered the legal costs associated with developing our Bylaws and all Incorporation costs. These steps could not have been completed without this financial support. At the on-line Business Session of the 11th WA-Summit 30/31 August 2020, after the formal endorsement of the WA-Alliance, this page has been retitled to WA-Alliance from Advisory Council. All information about the Advisory Council has been transferred to our History page