Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was formed in 2006 and to this day manages the between summit periods and the next WA-Summit. A Terms of Reference were developed which set out the make-up of the Advisory Council and roles it undertakes. All those who work on the Advisory Council do so voluntarily and the structure depends on the goodwill, dedication and passion of a few people internationally.

The Advisory Council is made up of representatives from various regions around the world:

  • The Chairman is Eth Lloyd (AAPNZ), New Zealand
  • the Co-Convenors of the 2020 WA-Summit in Wellington are Alison McKessar (AAPNZ), New Zealand and Ursula Wartha (IMA), Germany
  • the regional representatives are shown in the Advisory Council Members document.

The Advisory Council also manages the Task Forces working on the various outcomes from the 2018 WA-Summit in Germany. These Task Forces are:

  • International Credentialing – Wendy Rapana (New Zealand) and Cathy Harris (South Africa)
  • International Networking/LinkedIn Group – Silvia Salomon (Italy)
  • Image of the Profession – White Paper – Eleni Rizikianou (Greece), and Templates (tools to assist you) – Karin Helene (Sweden) and Vania Alessi (Italy)
  • Workplace Harassment – Susan Engelbrecht (South Africa)
  • Skills Set Matrix – Vicki Faint (New Zealand)
  • Updating Administra – Eth Lloyd (New Zealand)
  • Future of the WA-Summit Advisory Council – see below, the World Administrators Alliance.

World Administrators Alliance

The Task Force working on The Future of the WA-Summit Advisory Council members are:

The Task Force was given a brief from the 2018 Delegates to strengthen and/or replace the current informal body so it can:

  • better support the purpose to guide, influence, positively develop and elevate the global administrative community
  • provide continued advocacy
  • provide greater global leadership

The Task Force is working to ensure the new structure is set-up ready to be in place after the 11th WA-Summit in 2020.

Proposed Model – What?

After much discussion, it was proposed that a Non-profit Trade (profession) Association under the name World Administrators Alliance (WA-Alliance) be formed. This decision was consulted on and confirmed through a survey of the 2018 Delegates. This new structure will use the current Administra and Advisory Council Terms of Reference as a preliminary basis. A Non-profit Trade Association is an organisation founded and funded by associations and/or organisations representing a specific industry; in this case administrators.

Advantages & Benefits of a new structure – Why?

Providing a formal structure, operated under United States business laws and requirements, will:

  • allow for a sustainable funding model
  • provide a sustainable governance model
  • provide formal bylaws to dictate governance parameters
  • provide formal leadership positions with mandatory global representation
  • provide a consistent currency and fund management system

Check out the following documents:

The consultation document resulted in various questions which we have answered under FAQs

The WA-Alliance Task Force are very appreciative of the IAAP Foundation who have provided the funding for this page as part of the rebuild of the WA-Summit website. After the formal adoption of the WA-Alliance, at the 2020 WA-Summit, this page will be retitled from Advisory Council to WA-Alliance.