Advisory Council/World Administrators Alliance

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was formed in 2006 and to this day manages the between summit periods and the next WA-Summit. A Terms of Reference were developed which set out the make-up of the Advisory Council and roles it undertakes. All those who work on the Advisory Council do so voluntarily and the structure depends on the goodwill, dedication and passion of a few people internationally.

The Advisory Council is made up of representatives from various regions around the world:

  • The Chairman is Eth Lloyd (AAPNZ), New Zealand
  • the Co-Convenors of the 11th WA-Summit in Wellington are Alison McKessar (AAPNZ), New Zealand and Ursula Wartha (IMA), Germany
  • the regional representatives are shown in the Advisory Council Members document.

The Advisory Council also manages the Task Forces working on the various outcomes from the 2018 WA-Summit in Germany. These Task Forces are:

  • International Credentialing – Wendy Rapana (New Zealand) and Cathy Harris (South Africa)
  • International Networking/LinkedIn Group – Silvia Salomon (Italy)
  • Image of the Profession – White Paper – Eleni Rizikianou (Greece), and Templates (tools to assist you) – Karin Helene (Sweden) and Vania Alessi (Italy)
  • Workplace Harassment – Susan Engelbrecht (South Africa)
  • Skills Set Matrix – Vicki Faint (New Zealand)
  • Updating Administra – Eth Lloyd (New Zealand)
  • Future of the WA-Summit Advisory Council – see below, the World Administrators Alliance.

World Administrators Alliance

The Task Force Report, WA-Summit Advisory Council – Future, is now completed, after 18 months of work. As promised this report is being shared with all Delegates for them to read. They are also asked to share with those they are representing (association members, networks, etc) and to consult with them, so they bring a truly representative voice to the 11th WA-Summit On-line Business Session on 30 August 2020. Each Country at the Business Session will be asked to vote to endorse the newly incorporated WA-Alliance to lead the administrative profession into the future.

The Interim Chairman role has been approved by the Advisory Council and is also to be endorsed by Delegate vote at the 11th WA-Summit Business Session being held virtually on 30 August 2020. We are delighted to announce Helen Monument has accepted this role and is now working closely with the Task Force and the current Chairman of the Advisory Council.

The Task Force working on the WA-Summit Advisory Council – Future consulted with the 2018 Delegates, as requested, on the type of structure and the name (World Administrators Alliance – WA-Alliance) before finalising Bylaws, and in April 2020 formally completed Incorporation.

The Task Force is currently recruiting members for the Interim Governing Council (Council). For further information about this see our one-pager and, if you are interested, complete the application form (a Word.docx or a PDF). Applications are open until 3 July 2020 and should be sent to

The Task Force was given a brief from the 2018 Delegates to strengthen and/or replace the current informal body so it can:

  • better support the purpose to guide, influence, positively develop and elevate the global administrative community
  • provide continued advocacy
  • provide greater global leadership

The Task Force has been working to ensure the new structure is set-up ready to be in place after the 11th WA-Summit on-line Business Session 30 August 2020.

The Task Force members are:

Proposed Model – What?

After much discussion, it was proposed that a Non-profit Trade (profession) Association under the name World Administrators Alliance (WA-Alliance) be formed. This decision was consulted on and confirmed through a survey of the 2018 Delegates. This new structure will use the current Administra and Advisory Council Terms of Reference as a preliminary basis. A Non-profit Trade Association is an organisation founded and funded by associations and/or organisations representing a specific industry; in this case administrators.

Advantages & Benefits of a new structure – Why?

Providing a formal structure, operated under United States business laws and requirements, will:

  • allow for a sustainable funding model
  • provide a sustainable governance model
  • provide formal bylaws to dictate governance parameters
  • provide formal leadership positions with required global representation
  • provide a consistent currency and fund management system

Check out the following documents:

The consultation document resulted in various questions which we have answered under FAQs

The WA-Alliance Task Force are very appreciative of the IAAP Foundation who have provided the funding for this page as part of the rebuild of the WA-Summit website. The IAAP Foundation funding also covered the legal costs associated with developing our Bylaws and all Incorporation costs. These steps could not have been completed without this financial support. After the formal endorsement of the WA-Alliance, at the on-line Business Session of the 11th WA-Summit 30 August 2020, this page will be retitled from Advisory Council to WA-Alliance. All information about the Advisory Council will be transferred to our History page