Every country in the world can send up to three authorised delegates to the Summit. In 2018 22 countries participated with 41 Delegates attending.

All Delegates must complete a Delegates Credentialing form (available in both Word and PDF) They are usually the President (or appointed alternate) of the national body of each country plus up to two other delegates. Where a country has more than one association agreement must be reached between the associations as to representation. If agreement cannot be reached the Advisory Council will make the decision.

From 2015 individuals have been able to apply to be a delegate, as long as they meet the criteria in the Delegates Credentialing Form (available in both Word and PDF). The primary aim of the WA-Summit is to have the widest possible representation of and reach to individual administrative professionals internationally.

However where voting occurs, each country has only one vote. So a Lead Delegate must be agreed and delegates must work together.


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