12th World Administrators Summit


The World Administrators Alliance, Interim Council invites its members, business partners and all Associations and Networks to participate in the 12th World Administrators Summit:

To be held on 12-13 July, 2022, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.

The WA-Summit is being kindly hosted by IAAP ahead of their Summit on 14-16 July so that WA-Summit Delegates may attend both events.

The WA-Alliance Council is planning a hybrid event for the 12th WA-Summit, as we realize that some countries and organizations may still have restrictions on travel due to the pandemic. More details will be announced as soon as plans are finalized.

Ensure your country participates in this amazing gathering of leaders of international administrative/office professionals.

The agenda will be published in 2022.

Each country may send up to three official Delegates. Funding to attend is the responsibility of each country, association and/or delegate. Where a country has more than three potential Delegates, perhaps due to more than one association within that country, they should agree on representation together. If potential Delegates within a country cannot agree then the Interim Council will decide, based primarily on the numbers of Administrative/Office Professionals each Delegate represents.

An ‘Expression of Interest’ form is to be submitted.

In some circumstances, an individual may apply to be a Delegate, for example if a country does not have a professional association. However, the terms around those circumstances must be adhered to and are set out in the Delegate Credentialing form on this website.

All formal Delegate Credentialing forms must be fully completed, include a photograph and be signed. All forms are due by 15th May 2022. After applications have been received, any final decisions required on Delegates will be made by the WA-Aliance Council.

At the WA-Summit, Delegates will work in facilitated groups, to openly discuss and reach outcomes on Agenda topics gathered from administrative professionals internationally. Administra, the World Action Plan, will also be reviewed by the Delegates to determine whether it is still fit for purpose.

There will be networking opportunities for all Delegates.

Online registration for the WA-Summit will be available here soon, so keep an eye on this website and social media. Each Association will be contacted when Delegate Credentialing is required and as soon as the registration process starts.

We so look forward to welcoming you to the 12th World Administrators Summit.

Helen Monument, Chair, Interim Council, World Administrators Alliance Email: info@wa-summit.com

Relevant documents are on our website:

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