2022 12th World Administrators Summit

The 12th World Administrators Summit will be a two-day, online event on

Saturday 15th and Saturday 22nd October 2022

13.00 – 17.00 hrs. Central European Time

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The World Administrators Alliance, Council invites its members and all Associations, Networks and industry stakeholders to participate in the 12th World Administrators Summit.

The World Administrators Summit is not a conference, it’s a working meeting, open to credentialed delegates who come together to actively discuss the issues that are challenging our profession across the globe, bringing to the table the voices of their members.

Ensure your country participates in this amazing gathering of leaders of international administrative/office professionals. Attendance is open to WA-Alliance Members and Non-Members.

What is the WA-Summit? Read our Summit one-pager here.

To participate in the WA-Summit, you must first complete the Delegate Credentialing process. This is so that we can be sure that attendees are representing the voices of the Administrative Professionals in their respective country. When you come to the Summit, you bring those opinions with you to share during the discussion sessions.

Once the credentials are confirmed, we will send you a registration link.

The Delegate Credentialing process is open – until 1st September, please find the document here.


The agenda can be found here.

NEW FOR 2022

The WA-Alliance Council has increased the number of Delegates per country from three to five.

Where a country has more than five potential Delegates, perhaps due to more than one association within that country, they should agree on representation together. If potential Delegates within a country cannot agree then the Interim Council will decide, based primarily on the numbers of Administrative/Office Professionals each Delegate represents.

OBSERVERS are also invited to attend, but must also complete the Delegate Credentialing form. Observers may not speak unless invited to do so and are not entitled to vote.

INDIVIDUALS may apply to be a Delegate, for example if a country does not have a professional association. However, the terms around those circumstances must be adhered to and are set out in the Delegate Credentialing form.

All Delegate Credentialing forms must be completed, signed and submitted by 10th October 2022 

After applications have been received, any final decisions required on Delegates will be made by the WA-Alliance Council.

At the WA-Summit, Delegates will work in four facilitated groups, to openly discuss and reach outcomes on Agenda topics gathered from administrative professionals internationally. Administra, the World Action Plan, will also be reviewed by the Delegates to determine whether it is still fit for purpose.

Participation fees:

WA-Alliance Members US$45,- per Delegate

Non-members US$55,- per Delegate

Observers US$30,- per person

The link to WA-Summit Registration & payment – will be sent to credentialed delegates only.

The Zoom meeting link will be sent to paid up participants only.

We look forward to welcoming you online to the 12th World Administrators Summit.

Helen Monument, Chair, World Administrators Alliance Email: wasummit2022@gmail.com

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