11th World Administrators Summit

The Face-to-Face WA-Summit was held virtually on 8th & 15th May, 2021

We were delighted to welcome 63 Delegates from 28 Countries to the 11th WA-Summit.

The World Administrators Summit is generally a two-day working session, not a conference. Only formal country Delegates may attend the WA-Summit and each country may have up to three (3) Delegates.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we decided to hold the Business Session virtually on 30 August 2020.

You can read the agenda for both the 2020 Business Session and the 2021 Online Summit here.

Read the Country Reports submitted by the WA-Summit Delegates here.

The WA-Alliance is pleased to share the Outcomes and the Reports from the 11th World Administrators Summit.