Interim Agendas – 11th WA-Summit

11th WA-Summit 2020 Business Meeting – Interim Agenda

Due to Covid-19 disrupting the world we had to postpone the full WA-Summit. However it is very important that we hold the Business Session of the 11th WA-Summit as there are significant matters that require the Delegates to vote. To meet this need the 11th WA-Summit Business Meeting is being held virtually on 30 August 2020.

The matters to be discussed are listed in the On-line Business Interim Agenda. This Agenda will be finalised in July 2020.

NB: Please note that the Face-to-Face Meeting will still have an opportunity for a Business Session as there are likely to be other matters still to finalise.

11th WA-Summit 2021 Face-to-Face Meeting – Interim Agenda

Due to Covid-19 the Face-to-Face 11th WA-Summit to discuss the range of topics gathered in the survey held Nov/Dec 2019 and which received over 300 responses from 37 countries, has been postponed until May 2021, details to be finalised.

The Interim Agenda has developed so that delegates and potential delegates can see the topics to be discussed.

This Interim Agenda is now available and will be finalised early in 2021.