Why Attend?

Helen Monument – WAA Chair

The World Administrators Summit enables Administrative Professionals and their Associations and Networks to initiate change on issues that matter to them. The key words are collaboration, teamwork and action. Here are just some of the Delegates’ experiences….

Julia Schmidt – IMA Norway

“Attending the World Administrators’ Summit 2018 meant sitting at the same table with top authorities within our profession. It meant being part of a network of leaders.

It gave me a unique opportunity to participate in international discussions on the key issues and questions that affect administrative professionals. It allowed me to exchange ideas and opinions, and represent administrative professionals from Norway and specifically my members from IMA Norway. 

I want to make their voices heard because the future of our profession is about collaboration and partnership. As a leader, I am committed to empowering people around me. Let’s create a better future together!”

Diana Brandl – IMA Germany

I was beyond excited and proud to see the event in my home country and above all in my hometown Frankfurt.

As a bold and vocal ambassador and influencer of our profession, it was clear to me that I wanted to take the opportunity to participate in the World Administrators Summit as a delegate for Germany. I have always been an activist when it comes to our industry – how else can you make change happen?

Appreciatively, I received full support of the IMA Germany Board, which motivated me even more to represent Germany along with my fellow IMA friend Angela Parker.

The World Administrators Summit was an event full of learning, sharing and caring. And that is what our profession stands for. Let’s shape our future now!

Alison McKessar – Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Inc. – Te Kawarangi

Attending the World Administrators Summit was a golden opportunity to examine issues and create solutions that are at the heart of the administrative profession globally. It was a true honour to be able to represent administrators in New Zealand and share with my peers our experiences of similarities and differences. I was inspired by discussing suggestions for improving the respect of our profession and increasing engagement with our members. I am delighted to be Co-convenor of and to host the WA-Summit in my own country in 2020. The summit truly demonstrated the essence of one profession; one voice.