Meet the WA-Alliance Interim Council

Written by: Helen Monument – Interim Chair WA-Alliance

Henry Ford said: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

As Interim Chair of the WA-Alliance, I am extremely proud to introduce the newly appointed Interim Council. Each of these people have stepped up to this role because they want to make a difference to the lives of admin professionals wherever they are, as you can read below. The binding factor throughout their motivation to serve is their passion and dedication to the objectives of the WA-Alliance, to:

  • guide, influence, positively develop and elevate the global administrative community;
  • provide continued advocacy;
  • provide greater global leadership.

Delegates will be asked to endorse their appointment at the WA-Summit on-line Business Meeting on 30th August.

Debra Chafe, from Canada. “I have come to the point where I am ready to help make all administrative professionals proud to say ‘what I do matters’, I welcome the opportunity to work with the WA-Alliance to help further advance the office administration profession globally.”

Jesse Egeonu, from Nigeria: “I want to live in a world where the administrative path is considered a viable career, with a structure that is globally recognized while building a strong alliance with industry leaders, interacting with professionals around the world, gathering valuable information on the various issues they are experiencing to include them in the WA-Alliance agenda.”

Vicki Faintfrom New Zealand:, “The administrative professional is at the core for driving and assisting change in respect to technology and the future direction of the workforce I am passionate about ensuring all admins have their voice heard and that the profession is viewed by all as a highly-skilled and respected career, not only now, but in the future.”

Barrett Shaw, from the United States: “I have grown so much as a result of the support and challenges from within this community, and I want to ensure that other administrative professionals have those same opportunities to exceed in their own lives and careers.”

Christine Stewart, from Australia, “My motivation for this role is to offer a flexible and highly professional approach, with a desire to represent and be an effective ambassador for the WA-Alliance with integrity and leadership.”

Ursula Warthafrom Germany: “I want to enhance the diversity of the Alliance. To live up to this objective, all continents have to be represented.”

I look forward to starting work with the team as we put the WA-Alliance on the map in the coming months. You will see regular updates on our LinkedIn page.

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  1. Terry L. Anderson, CAP, OM on

    Congratulations to each of you on the interim council! Happy to see Barrett Shaw representing the United States! All the best to the team in promoting and furthering the administrative professional field.


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